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Bird and nature event in Kirkkonummi

Bird and Nature Week is a series of locally held events, trips and presentations running from 15 to 21 May 2023. It offers guided field trips on the Porkkala Peninsula, a major migration flight path for Arctic birds travelling north or south. Spring migration is underway.

Bird Week activities are suitable for all birder levels: from starters to eco-experts or anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

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Lintuviikko is organized by The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation’s local association Kirkkonummen ympäristöyhdistys, Uusimaa Ornithological Society Tringa ry. and Municipality of Kirkkonummi.

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Monday 15.5.

Bird Week is launched on the market square between the medieval Church and the 21st  century internationally renowned Fyyri Library

Monday 15.5. from 13:00-15:00

Kirkkonummi market square, Kirkkontori 1

Spotters on the market square

Welcome to the market (Kirkkotori) to talk about birds, nature and

Migration watch guides are on hand to help you look around the square
and see what you can spot.  Binoculars and telescopes are set up for you
to try out.

Photo: Olli Saksela

Bird week in the Fyyri Library

Start birding!

An event for children and adults from 16:00 to 18:00

Monday 15.5. from 16:00 to 18:00

The corner of the newspaper & magazine reading section. Kirkkontori 1

Start birding!
Bird watching tips for children, teenagers and adults and face painting with bird and nature motifs.

Come and talk about birding at the Fyyri library. Bird enthusiasts will
be on hand to tell you how to get your hobby started, what equipment you
need and which bird species you should start exploring in the world of
birds. The library has literature about birds on display.

Adults, children and young people are welcome to pop in.

Bird and nature-themed face paintings for children.


Markku Jämsä: The Arctic migration and other joys of spring birding 17:30 – 18:15

Monday 15.5. from 17.30 to 18.15

Mörne Room, Kirkkotori 1

Markku Jämsä: Arctic migration and other joys of spring birding

Spring and autumn migration of arctic waterfowl are major bird events and the Porkkala Peninsula is one of the best places in Finland to observe them. The photo presentation focuses on Porkkala Peninsula’s diverse birding sites and their bird life.  Birding can be combined with viewing the nearby impressive seascapes or observing other aspects of nature.

Markku Jämsä is a long-time bird enthusiast from Kirkkonummi and a popular Bird Week presenter.

Photos: Markku Jämsä

Sami Karjalainen shows photos and talks about how he puts together his books on nature from 18:15 to 20:00

Friday 19.5. from 18:00 to 20:00

Mörne room, Kirkkotori 1

Sami Karjalainen shows photos and talks about how he puts together his
books on nature

Local writer and nature photographer  Sami Karjalainen focuses on insects and spiders. He aims to promote nature awareness and activities. He has won many awards, for example, the state prize for spreading information
to a wider public. He presents his factual books and talks about the process of preparing them. The talk is enriched with his stunning photos of insects and spiders.

Photos: Sami Karjalainen

Kirjasta Suomen hyppyhämähäkit

Friday 19.5. from 18:00 to 20:00

Fyyri, Mörne room, Kirkkotori 1

Emma-Liina Marjakangas: Biodiversity – the basis of a stable ecosystem

The lecture will cover how nature diversity protects the ability of ecosystems to function, and what diversity and the functioning of ecosystems actually mean. The topic will be approached from the point of
view of Finnish nature and from the perspective of bird communities changing in the warming climate.

Emma-Liina Marjakangas is a researcher working at the Finnish Museum of Natural History. Her research focuses on the worldwide transformation of communities and ecosystems as a result of human activity. Among other things, she has researched how forest fragmentation affects the interactions between animals and plants in the tropics, how the composition of bird communities in the northern hemisphere has changed as the climate warms, and how well the world’s bird species tolerate human disturbance in their nesting areas.


Trips will run, whatever the weather! Note that often when it’s raining inland it’s shining at the tip of the peninsula.

Saturday 20.5. from 11:00 to 14:00

The former Porkkala Primary school, Porkkalantie 1826

A special children’s bird and nature event

Nature-themed activities for children in the grounds of Porkkala’s old Primary School.

There are other things in nature to spot such as plants, animals, insects and natural formations in the grounds of the old Porkkala primary school.

Indoors on display are items from the exhibition “Treasures of Porkkala”.

Snacks are on sale in the pop-up Pinna Café, or you can bring your own snacks. Registration for excursions and bus transport.

Birding trip to Lähteelä outdoor nature recreational area 

Birding trip 20.5. at 11:00 to Lähteelä recreation area, departure from the parking lot

The trip covers the Lähteelä area, including bird tower. It takes about 3 hours and is free of charge. At around 2 pm after the tour, there’s an opportunity to visit the historic Porkkala’s former Primary School (Porkkalantie 1826) and its grounds. Inside the school there’s the  pop-up Pinna Café where you can buy refreshments and enjoy the exhibition “Treasures of Porkkala”.

Registration for excursions and bus transport.

Bus transportation to Porkkala excursion spots

Saturday 20.5. bus transportation is available to the Porkkala excursion spots. Payment for the bus trip is optional (5e) and can be paid in cash on the spot. The bus time table is designed to match tour schedules. You can spend the time either wandering on your own or join the excursion and spend some free time, for example, snacking as you enjoy nature.

Advance registrations, especially from larger groups of more than five people helps us in planning!

Registration for excursions and bus transport.

Bus schedule 20.5.

10:00 Departure from Kirkkonummi Travel Center (Virkatie 1)
10:45 Stop at Lähteelä bus stop (Källvikintie), where the tours start.
11:00 Arrival at Porkkala terminus (at the end of Porkkalantie)
15:00 Departure from Porkkala terminus
15:15 Stop at Lähteelä bus stop
15:30 Stop at the Farm House shop and cafe – Maatilapuoti  16:15 (about) Arrival back in Kirkkonummi Travel Center

The Map

Directions and maps


Pop-up kahvila Pinna Café – Porkkalantie 1826

Lähteelän kahvila-ravintola – Läntinen Källvikintie 10

Café Porkkala – Porkkalantie 1582

Porkkalan Marina – Dragetintie 108

Matkan varrella: Maatilapuoti – Eestinkyläntie 316

Pinna Café at the old Porkkala Primary School (Porkkalantie 1826)

Saturday 20.5. from 10:00 to 18:00

Pinna Café at the old Porkkala Primary School

The Pinna Pop Up cafe is open in Porkkala’s former Primary School in its 125th anniversary year. Delicious snacks on sale, you can enjoy them indoors or outdoors. Specially displayed for the day are items from the Treasures of Porkkala exhibition. Saturday only.

Around Pinna Café, you can spot different things in nature such as plants, animals, insects and natural formations. Petri Ahlroth and Marita Arvela introduce you to the observation of nearby nature. Great for kids!

The school has limited parking spaces, so guests are asked to arrive on foot from the Lähteelä parking lot.

This event is organised by Borearctia

Guides on site at Porkkalanniemi excursion destinations on Saturday and Sunday

Guides on site at Porkkalanniemi excursion destinations

Saturday 20.5. from 10:00 to 17:00 and Sunday 21.5. from 10:00 to 16:00

Come and have a chat with our guides and take a peek through the telescope at the Haahkalava, a platform by the sea (easy wheelchair access) and the Lähteelä campfire site.

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